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As a locally owned and family operated home and commercial cleaning service company, we offer Organic green cleaning services that is big enough to exceed your expectation and small enough to guarantee excellent client satisfaction throughout Westlock,Barrhead Alberta and County area.

Strong Arm Cleaning Service is a registered, bonded, insured and WCB covered cleaning company.

Strong Arm is my success story!


Hello! My name is Katrina, owner of Strong Arm Cleaning Service. I am happily married to a wonderful husband Owen for 14 years and have been blessed with 3 beautiful children; Sarah, Cassandra, and Joel.

My journey began while I was a work-stay at home mom raising our children. My husband Owen worked for the local 488 for over 25 years, in the gas piping industry. In 2010, with unforeseen incidents that rendered Owen unable to earn an income for our family, life for our family changed. That was when I knew that I had take control to support our family.

I picked up a part time job. The income wasn’t enough, so I decided to open an online clothing store named CJ’s Closet. It became very successful, but I wasn’t feeling it was something that would help our family for long term I needed to find something that I was passionate about. I knew that I loved helping others and my love for cleaning.

In 2013, I sat at my computer discussing options with my network. Then “BANG” it hit me! An organic “green” cleaning service was needed in our town and surrounding area. I came across a picture online of Rosie the Riveter and I began to research her story. Rosie rallied up the women in the U.S.A in war time to help out the country.That is what I want to do for our area. I want to rally up good local professional ladies and create a cleaning company that will be strong and professional. That’s when Strong Arm Cleaning Service was born. With a desire to provide professional service with guaranteed results.

It soon grew beyond what I had imagined. It quickly escalated from me cleaning to me hiring my first couple of cleaners, and then to the team I have today!

I knew that I loved helping others
and my love for cleaning.


Today, the team is still growing rapidly. Through all the hard work and awesome clients, I am able to offer my team a benefit package option. This is a huge milestone as no other cleaning company in the industry has offered similar benefits this early in the business.

It can certainly be challenging at times, but the reward outweighed all the tests we’ve overcome so far. Being able to provide opportunities to my community with jobs with benefits is a great feeling. Being able to provide quality professional service to our Residential and Commercial clients is a priceless experience. I have big dreams for the future of my business. To expand across Alberta, Canada, and be at the top of our industry. To date, my team have cleaned hundreds of homes and many businesses. The Strong Arm Team works very hard to make sure that we not only clean professionally, but provide the best possible customer service.

You're not clean, until you're strong arm clean!


Safety 100%


Reliability 99%


With our highly trained and professional team of cleaners, Strong Arm Cleaning Service aims to become the number one cleaning service in all of Alberta, and all of Canada. We are devoted to evolve our best cleaning practices. We are constantly researching for the best cleaning products to keep Strong Arm Cleaning Service at the cutting edge of technology. Strong Arm Cleaning Service is proud to be partnered with locally made organic cleaning products.


Whether your cleaning needs are small or large, our team will put the same dedication and hard work to clean your home or office right. Our goal through intense training, that our cleaning staff  pay attention to details and customize their approach to your cleaning needs. What sets us apart from the rest?  Our professionally trained staff will clean your home, or offices utilizing our “cleaning system” which will ensure you receive a consistent cleaning experience each, and every visit.


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