Business and home owners often do not know about the difference between domestic and professional cleaning service companies. As a result, they think anyone can clean any area! However, this is just not true. Meanwhile, many of these businesses are losing money, productivity and overall satisfaction! There are many reasons why it’s important to invest in a properly trained and licensed professional cleaning service. As a result, here’s a closer look at why you should choose a professional cleaning provider.

Higher Standards of Cleaning

Private cleaners are accustomed to working in the home environment. The standards of cleaning are very different. The volume of foot traffic requires a different level of sanitation and attention to cleaning every surface. Private cleaners are almost like freelancing custodians, who had maintained their own clean homes and now helping others do the same. Over time, their results may begin to waver in consistency and quality.

As a business owner, the attention to detail that’s given when cleaning your property impacts everything. From the health and safety of your staff to the impression that customers have of your brand. Working with a professional cleaning service ensures that your facility is clean to the highest standards, and that every surface is both disinfected and sparkling.

Flexible Hours, Scheduling, and Professional Communications

If you’ve ever hired a private cleaner, there’s a strong chance that they’ve come on site during the day when you’re at work or your kids are at school. Day cleaning services generally work during the business day while you’re out of the home. But Professional cleaning services understand that businesses have varying scheduling needs. Some need a full-time, on-call custodian to service their facility during the day to decrease signs of use. Others want a cleaning service that comes after hours and is unobtrusive to staff and customers.

Some companies require one-time event support and help with emergency needs. It’s difficult for small, private cleaners to reliably provide this level of service and support to a range of clients. Working with a professional cleaning service firms means that your cleaning needs will delivered around your schedule with the right level of support.

Peace of mind with coverage

Costs for the cleaning service is the forefront of consideration for residents and businesses. Many cleaners will come in at competitive budgets. The biggest factor that sets them apart unfortunately isn’t the first that is considered when selecting service providers. Professional cleaners are generally licensed, bonded, insured and has some form of WCB coverage. This is the silent risk that is taken on when hiring a private cleaner. In the event that they are involved in an accident in the client’s resident or business facility, there is a level of impact to the client and in some cases, may lead to legal courses. If you are going to hire a private cleaner, make sure you ask the questions if they are covered, licensed and insured. Professional cleaning services are generally covered to minimize the risks to their clients.

Hire Professional Cleaners

As we all know time is money, most people can’t afford to waste 3 or more hours a day/week on cleaning. Just imagine how much you can earn per hour or the quality time you can channel towards recharing your batters for the coming days or week at work. Hiring a professional cleaning company to do your cleaning will free up your time and allow you to concentrate on what you love doing the most, whether it’s making money or spending time with your family. You’ll be able to give yourself and your loved ones a break from time spent scrubbing and mopping floors. Many cleaning services provides different packages or servics suitable to various needs. You can now book daily, weekly, bi-weekly or one-time cleaning services.

The takeaway

Don’t be confused about the difference between private and professional cleaning services. Knowledgeable business owners rely on professional custodians to provide world-class cleaning, the latest in high-tech and environmentally cleaning techniques, and round the clock support. Contact a professional cleaning company in your region to ensure that your needs are met today. Have a question or scenario? Feel free to contact us for help!